Why is shipping so much?   This is the average cost to ship the batting in the lower 48, which recently went way up in January 20201! Although batting is somewhat light, it takes up a lot of space, and postal service providers charge for the bulk, as well as the weight!  Since we are a small shop, we cannot offer free shipping, Shipping & handling, along with the cost of the box or envelope I ship it in, is actually always more than the flat rates I charge you, and I help cover part of your shipping cost on each order. (You're welcome ;)!)    

​How did you decide the price-per-square? ​I base my prices on the cost of the batting (which I am able to purchase at a retail discount) and pass that cost (and savings!) on to you.  It would cost you more to purchase the batting from a retailer.

Why the $10 "cutting fee"?  ​Well, it takes a long, long time to perfectly cut the batting into a bunch of squares.  So you have to ask yourself, is the time and trouble worth it to cut some pre-cut squares YOURSELF?  Or would you rather pay someone $10 to do it for you?  If you would rather pay someone else to do it, please, CHOOSE ME!

Why the $10 "custom size fee"?  ​We have certain precut sizes in stock.  If you'd like a size outside of what we have stocked, we take extra time and attention to customize your order.  

​What kind of batting do you have?  ​I only use batting from The Warm Company for my pre-cuts.  It is comprised of 87.5% Natural Cotton & 12.5% Polypropylene (Scrim).  It is pre-shrunk and pre-washed.  The quality is the best in my opinion, and I use it personally in all my projects.  I stand behind the mission of the company as well. Learn more at

​How do I order?  ​Submit a pre-order using the form on this page (see above).  I will review your inquiry and calculate your costs.  I will email you your total cost with link to a secure PayPal payment invoice.  If you choose to pay the invoice, I will then fill and ship the order. 

How can I pay?  You will receive an invoice via email with a secure link to pay via Debit, Credit, or PayPal secure transfer via the PayPal invoice I will send to you.

​Can I return or exchange my order?  ​Unfortunately we cannot accept returns or exchanges at this time.  I will correspond with you after I receive your pre-order to make sure you are getting exactly what you need.

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We are moving!

Hi friends! We are in the process of re-locating to a larger space.  There will be no services available during this time of transition.June. Pre-cut batting will be available for purchase again after August 15, 2021! Thank you for your patience! You are wonderful! 

Need a different size?  Just let me know in the Special Instructions portion of your pre-order confirmation. I do custom precut orders!  Just let me know what size you need in the "notes" below.  Please note that a custom size will incur a $10 Custom Size Fee. 


How it works:

Submit the pre-order form below.  We will calculate your total and email you a confirmation with a payment link.  Once your payment is made, your order will be processed!

Processing time:

Please allow 48-72 hours for order processing from date of payment.  Shipping time varies, but averages 3-7 days.


Hi friends! We are moving, and we will be temporarily closed until August 15, 2021 during our transition.  The online order form will be disabled during this time. But please check back after August 15th to place your orders! Thank you for your grace and patience - you are wonderful!

Quilt-As-You-Go Batting

*LIMIT 50 per order*

Pricing per square:

10 inch:  .95

12 inch:  1.05

13.5 inch: 1.15

16 inch:  1.50

Cutting Fee: $10.00 per order

Custom Size Fee: $10.00 per order

Estimated Flat Rate Shipping & Handling:

(United States, Lower 48 only)
 < 3 lbs - $8.50 - $11.50
> 3 lbs - $12.50 - $21.50