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Why is shipping $6.50?   This is the average cost to ship the batting in the lower 48.  Although batting is very light, it takes up a lot of space, and the post office charges for the bulk, as well as the weight!

​How did you decide the price-per-square? ​I based my prices on the cost of the batting (which I am able to purchase at 40% off retail) and passed that cost on to you.  I do not make a "profit" off of selling the individual squares.  The prices cover the costs.  It would cost you the same or more to purchase the batting from a retailer.

Why the $10 "cutting fee"?  ​Well, it takes a long, long time to perfectly cut the batting into a bunch of squares.  And I do not make any profit off the squares (see explanation above).  So you have to ask yourself, is the time and trouble worth it to cut some pre-cut squares YOURSELF?  Or would you rather pay someone $10 to do it for you?  If you would rather pay someone else to do it, please, CHOOSE ME!

​What kind of batting do you have?  ​I only use batting from The Warm Company for my pre-cuts.  It is comprised of 87.5% Natural Cotton & 12.5% Polypropylene (Scrim).  It is pre-shrunk and pre-washed.  The quality is the best in my opinion, and I use it personally in all my projects.  I stand behind the mission of the company as well. Learn more at

​How do I order?  ​Submit an inquiry using the form on this page (see above).  I will review your inquiry and calculate your costs.  I will email you and invoice.  If you choose to pay the invoice, I will then fill and ship the order. 

​Can I return or exchange my order?  ​Unfortunately we cannot accept returns or exchanges at this time.  I will correspond with you after I receive your inquiry to make sure you are getting exactly what you need.

*Prices subject to change at any time.

Need a different size?  Just let me know in the Detailed Notes of your submission below!  I do custom precut orders!


How it works:

Submit your inquiry.  We will calculate your total and mail you a confirmation with a payment link.  Once your payment is made, your order will be shipped!

Quilt-As-You-Go Batting

Available in precut sizes. 

Place your order below!

Flat shipping:  $6.50

(United States, Lower 48 only)

*Pricing per square:

5 inch:   .55

8 inch:   .65

10 inch:  .75

12 inch:  .85

16 inch:  .95

Cutting fee: $10.00 per order